when your project requires specialty materials? Perhaps you need rare earth or refractory metals, maybe a new alloy or never before tested configuration. When your specification calls for ultra thin or ultra pure, where can you go?


can meet your needs for these materials - and more! We can show you solutions unique to your application. We can serve you, as we now serve our customers worldwide.


Here, you can learn more about what we can do for you. While these actual examples may illustrate our capabilities in only a general way (due to the proprietary nature of many of our firm's relationships), they can start you dreaming about the solution to your materials problems!

National Innovation Center:


Provides cost effective solutions for specialty materials needs - large or small, simple or complex.

Delivers custom purified high quality materials and fabricated items that are manufactured to exacting client specifications and standards.

Offers off-the-shelf rare earth and refractory metals and oxides at significantly lower price levels.

Strives to nurture long-term relationships with its customers by serving high tech, research, industrial and small business customers with equal diligence and care.

Produces materials for every stage of the procurement process: from research to testing to production in a timely and cost efficient manner.

Excels in one-of-a-kind, unique products. With purities of up to 99.9999% and custom configurations National Innovation Center can deliver materials that often are not available elsewhere!

Welcomes the opportunity to serve you! Though rare earth and refractory metals form the core of our business, National Innovation Center welcomes the opportunity to solve materials challenges in other areas.