National Innovation Center Corp. has recently relocated its base of operations to a 5.5 acre, 91,000 square foot facility.

National Innovation Center Corp. eyes the 21st century from its new base of operations, offering the following:

  • 5.5 acre site, completely paved in 24" concrete with a clay base for environmental safety
  • .
  • Two rail spurs from which we can ship and receive material and equipment.
  • New state of the art inground truck scale, with modern auxiliary equipment.
  • State certified for your independent truck scale needs as well.
  • Machinery and die, storage and workspace, within our 91,000 sq. ft. warehouse located on the premises for use by our customers.
  • 45' ceilings complete with four 25-60 ton overhead cranes
  • Calling upon the decades of experience and expertise of its staff in the field of specialty materials, National Innovation Center Corp. has extensive capability in providing unique materials and items manufactured from them.

    National Innovation Center Corp. provides:
    Custom Solutions
    Immediate Response
    Consistent Reliability
    Complete Satisfaction

    Materials are tested in all phases of production to maintain consistent reliability. Full chemical analysis of all metallic and gaseous impurities, particle size measurement, homogeneity analysis, x-ray and ultrasound testing can be provided.

    Whether your need is for a spot purchase or part of a long-term complex production process, National Innovation Center offers flexibility to meet your delivery requirements.

    To assure the success of its customers, National Innovation Center emphasizes reliability and partnership to build a relationship that delivers top quality materials and products.

    Our team uses the following equipment: