We provide full consulting service related to innovation & intellectual property management:

1. Training in Innovation

  • Macro-Innovation: basic principles, technical evolution, invention methods
  • Micro-Innovation: novel solutions in specific industries & applications, disruptive solutions, winning inventions
  • Solution of specific problems
  • Format: from 1 to 3 days of training focused on achieving specific goals

    2. Intellectual Property protection

  • Patent applications: low cost (low overhead) experts
  • Patent infringement analysis
  • Patent reference analysis
  • 3. Information services

  • Patent/market analysis
  • Competitor patent analysis
  • Winning ideas: how-to-invent
  • Loosing ideas: how-not-to invent
  • Format: Reports, newsletter, annual subscription

    4. Matching services

  • Expert finding of experts: technical, legal, translation, etc.
  • Research & industrial partners
  • We also provide full consulting metallurgical services:

  • Failure analysis: fatigue, overload, defect- related failures
  • Testing: microstructural analysis and mechanical testing
  • Process & product development
  • Finite element analysis
  • work with leading world experts and R&D centers and will find a solution to your industrial problems.
  • Test samples of microstructural analysis of High Carbon Steel
    Deformable inclusion
    Oxide layer and free ferrite
    Bainite microstructure
    Non-deformable inclusion