Advanced manufacturing
After searching the globe and talking with a host of potential vendors, engineers at a US national laboratory asked National Innovation Center to produce a unique configuration of a rare earth metal. Multiple elemental impurities needed to be controlled and/or eliminated during manufacture. The metal in the fabricated item needed to be totally homogeneous. All was achieved for items that were delivered 99.9999% pure.

Ultra high purity
A researcher at a European cancer institute needed some praseodymium foil. National Innovation Center accepted his challenge: maximum reduction of a particular elemental impurity – neodymium (a neighboring element that is extremely hard to eliminate) – in the foil. He was able to proceed with his research, thanks to the Pr foil that National Innovation Center produced – with only 2ppm neodymium.

Thin foil
A major US government contractor came to National Innovation Center with a problem: make high purity, extremely thin foil of a particular refractory metal. Four years were needed to find a way to compress the layers of this element’s atoms that were preventing success. National Innovation Center delivered the foil – 0.0005” thick!

Rare earth/Al alloys
Aerospace manufacturers are trying to create lighter, stronger and more durable aircraft and missile parts using rare earth/aluminum alloys. The project got rolling with the help of National Innovation Center International. National Innovation Center has produced over 100 different master alloys. Our customers’ engineers continue to experiment and test, seeking the exact formulation for the next generation of high performance vehicles.

Zr crystal
A research lab in the Far East asked for a large high purity zirconium single crystal. One year later, a rarity was produced: a zirconium crystal over 4” long!

Rare earth wire
University and industrial users have difficulty obtaining wires made of rare earth metals. The starting material for these strands (with diameters as small as .001mm) is brittle, oxidizes rapidly and in some cases, is self-combustible. National Innovation Center has become established as a source for wire and rods made of every rare earth metal.

Catalytic Material
A leading automotive manufacturer was researching ways to improve its vehicles’ exhaust emissions. Engineers needed powdered material consisting of particles having large surface area to maximize the efficiency of automobile catalytic converters. National Innovation Center was asked to develop a special formulation with surface area that was twice as large as is currently available. In less than six weeks National Innovation Center delivered powder with a five fold increase in surface area and with the potential to increase that measure ten times!