Shims, Spacers, Washers, NAAMS standard details, stampings and prototype work

Shims, Spacers, Washers, NAAMS standard and custom made details, stampings and prototype work.

National Innovation Center Corp. is the industry leading supplier and distributor of top quality shims spacers and washers in Eatern Europe and Central Asia, in addition to providing a full range of NAAMS Assembly Components and stampings in short runs to production volume.

Manufacturing company established in 1947. Company is an ISO 9000 compliant manufacturer. We are dedicated to providing the finest quality components in a highly responsive and accurate manner. Search our product offerings using the Google link above, use the index below or download a PDF copy of our catalog by clicking on the yellow button above.

Components are manufactured in the U.S.A., in the Detroit Metro region.

Shims Washers
Shims DSCH001 to H062
DSCH063 to H112
FS 15 Shims
56ZF Shims
1130XX Shims
FSD 14000 Shims
FSD 30000 Shims
FSD 40000 Shims
FSD 41000 Shims
GSD Shims
CSS Shims
Spacers "D" Weld Washers
Shim Washers
Serrated Washers
DSCW Washers
DSCS Washers
DSCD Weld Washers

NAAMS Components Prototype, Special and Custom
spring washers DSCP Spacers
FSD English Spacers
32740 Spacers
33840 Spacers
42751 Spacers
65163 Spacers
41-502 Spacers
FS 21 Spacers
P113022 to 62
P113069 to 72
56ZF Spacers
Ring Spacers
Prototype, Custom and Specials Manufacturing stamping facility features press capacity from 19 to 80 tons. It specializes in custom shims, from prototype to production quantities. It will make any shim, shim ring, ring spacer or washer, in any quantitity and size, from any material.

NAAMS Components Locators
Naams Components L Blocks
Stop Blocks
Pins And Retainers
NC Blocks
Trunion Blocks
Locators Manufacturing stamping facility produces and stock most of the NAAMS locators.

Insulators, Dumps, Retainers & Misc Feelers
Dumps and Misc. Insulating Bushings and Washers
Dump Components, Stub Shafts, Rings
Serrated Plates
Spacers Manufacturing stamping facility specializes in custom feeler gage stackups and shapes in steel and plastic.

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